WAVES: Creative Yoga Flow with Music (20 min)

Hi everyone! Follow this link here to find the music for today’s video:

It goes perfectly with all of the movements outlined today and will really help you move more fluidly and sensually through each sequence.

Practicing these postures + the way they fit together will help you move less rigidly and with more ease – both on and off the mat.
I never was a dancer but always admired the way you could pick one out of the room simply by the way they hold themselves. My yoga practice has helped me gain *some* of that grace and fluidity (still definitely can’t dance though) and I want to share some of those practices with you. This flow includes a full spinal range of motion, as well as gentle hip and hamstring opening. It includes a little corework and will help you build strength while you stretch out.

I love reading comments! Leave any questions, suggestions, or feedback down below. If you want more regular updates and short clips, follow me on instagram @emkaygray. See you on the next one 🙂

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