MAKE YOUR OWN PANDA PLUSH w/No Sew DO IT YOURSELF FUZZEEZ – TOY REVIEW BY INSPIREDKIDSTV. Watch as InspiredKIds Princess and King unbox this Fuzzeez Panda Plush toy. See how to do it yourself and make your own bear. Please let us know in the comments below if you have ever made a Fuzzeez Plush Panda Bear? This would be a great Christmas gift idea for someone you love:)

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New to our channel? Well we are glad you stopped by:) We are a family of five…six including our dog. Inspireddad, Inspiredmom, Inspiredanonymous 15, Inspiredking 9, Inspiredprincess 6, and Inspiredsassy 1 together we’ve become youtubes InspiredKidsTv.

We are not your typical family…You might see tattooed parents and spiritual beliefs mixed in with trendy styles and/or topics and think who are these crazy people?? Well that’s just it we created this channel to share with you that it’s ok to be different, to embrace who you are and have fun because life is short so let’s make the best of it and encourage others to do the same. Some videos may be trendy, some educational, some healthy, funny, spiritual, helpful DIY/how to videos, gymnastic videos, sports, spoofs, cooking, food, candy videos, toy videos, challenge videos, review videos, music or just loving and meaningful, and some might just be totally crazy or boring remember we just started;) Either way we hope you enjoy and that you’ll be inspired to find something you enjoy doing as well:)

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