Ken’s Marth Tutorial [2013 – Smash Bros. Melee] Liquid’Ken / SephirothKen

[Read me!] Ken, ‘The King of Smash,’ streamed on twitch channel for two and half hours discussing Marth’s moves and tactics in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

I had to download this in half-hour sections, so there are tiny jumps at those intervals. But still, here’s the entire tutorial.

TIMESTAMPS, courtesy of user lolsgod

Stream officially starts: 00:19:27

Fundamentals Section Begins: 00:20:45
Spacing: 00:20:50
Dash Dance: 00:23:00
Combos with Dash-dance: 00:28:45
Important c-sticking tip!!: 00:30:00 (I found this super helpful)
Neutral Air Practice: 00:33:45
Approaches: 00:34:39 (tangent but I thought its a good tidbit of info)
Combos using Neutral air and Dash Attacks: 00:35:25
More approaches: 00:36:50
coming out of shield options 00:39:00
KEN COMBO!!: 00:42:12
Pivot Grabbing: 00:47:00
Up-Air techniques: 00:49:44
Down Smash: 00:52:00
Ken answers a stream question about using z vs. a in the air: 00:52:55

Link to this archived stream:

(formerly /skenny17/c/3248983)

Fuente / Source

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