How To – Jumping into Flying Squat Pose – Vinyasa Flow Yoga Tutorial – 2 of 4

This tutorial looks at how we keep the legs spread apart like a cactus. In class, we may be familiar with moving the arms out like a cactus, and doing a slight backbend to open up the front of the chest and the heart. Same idea here, but now we’re doing the same position with the legs.

This helps to give us a wider base when getting up into a handstand. It provides for better balance, so we can get used to where our hips are in space, in regards to where they are supposed to be over the shoulders.

Our primary focus, is to get our hips straight over our shoulders. This allows for proper structure, and alignment of the skeletal system, in our quest for full handstand.

Always remember to warm-up the body and wrists beforehand.

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