Double Wiper card for Valentines Day – DIY Tutorial – 879

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The Video Tutorials on craft, art and origami hosted by Paper Folds is useful for special occasions, events, Holidays and Festivals. The models can be designed and crafted for giving gifts, decorating and as a hobby / learning. We can use this inexpensive art for Birthdays & Weddings, Special days like Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Teacher’s day, Children’s day and many festivals like Diwali,
Christmas, Eid, Dusshera ….

The paper dimensions used are for demonstration, you can alter the size as per your need

Tutorial Demo by Parshwanath D (Paper Folds)

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Device used for video recording: Iphone SE | Samsung Note 4
Software used for Video Editing: Imovie | Videorama from IOS on ipad 4

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