Do It Yourself || Marley Twist || Rubber Band Method

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Today I’ll be sharing how I got these super cute Marley twist using the rubber band method. I wanted something quick, and low maintenance also super cheap. Usually Marley Hair cost about 5.99-6.99 a pack and you need like 10-12 packs, but my beauty supple store has these super clutch bundles of Marley Hair for 8.99.

The last time I did Marley twist I struggled so bad, the twist and roll method, or whatever it is where you twist one section one way and the other another way… it was hell for me. I couldn’t get the concept and my twist just kept falling out. The rubber band method is sooooo easy to do!

Thing You’ll Need
– [ ] Marley Hair
– [ ] Rubber bands ( I picked black so it was easy to hide with my hair )
– [ ] Banana clips
– [ ] Comb
– [ ] Styler ( eco styler )
– [ ] Hair clips
– [ ] Patience 😂😂😂😂

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