Cardistry Tutorial — Collapsybil

*I recommend watching in 720p60*
Now for the third tutorial! This was a fun one to make. Compared to my other material, this cut is rather beginner-friendly. Hopefully you enjoy this move as much as I do.

Now for some very brief history: I created Collapsybil around November of 2016. Since then, I’ve been working off and on trying to create some additions to it. The extended closer taught here was created in March 2017 with squids, but I only started trying to get it with cards in November 2017 (after my summer hiatus). Since it was my first original cut starting from Sybil, I originally called it Ludington (named after a heroine of the American Revolution named Sybil Ludington). Even though I liked the historical reference, I changed it to Collapsybil in August 2017 because it was too good of a name to not use.

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