All level full yoga class to expand your backbends

A short, sweet, deep and juicy intermediate yoga practice. An entrainment, working into the deepest part of your core to open up the thoracic for more effective and expansive backbends and to take you into the deeper layers of your being. We attune to stillness at the start to initiate this process of refinement and at the end to take you into the ‘state of yoga’ through a closing meditation. The waters of Ubud are flowing in the background for you to tune into or slip beneath. Props: two blocks if you have tight hamstrings and a blanket for sitting or to pad your knees. All filmed at the beautiful space of The Shala Bali Enjoy you magnificent beings and take a ride down into your bliss body. You can find the playlist here and come see us at for recipes, blogs, retreats and inspiration xx

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